Aesthetic Dentistry

Smile Design
Smile design is making one’s smile special. For this purpose, the healthy, natural and aesthetic smile that suits the person’s face best is planned by the dentist, taking into account the structure and color of the teeth, the shape of the jaws, the size of the gums, face shape and age, and is performed in line with the patient’s own special wishes.

Let’s not forget that the smile indicates everyone’s unique character and that we remember people by their smile. Extremely large (or extremely small) teeth, protruding teeth, gums that show too much when smiling, colored teeth and split teeth leave negative effects on that person.

However, healthy, functional, aesthetic smiles; white teeth impress people and people are happy to get the appreciation of other people about it. If you feel that you look beautiful when you laugh, your self-confidence will increase and you will communicate better which will lead to you having a much better social life.

It is our smile that makes us feel noticed and makes us happy. What makes our smile effective is our teeth. With yellow teeth, we don’t even want to talk, let alone laugh.

In order to have white teeth that will enable us to speak and laugh freely, we must brush our teeth regularly. Smoking and beverages such as tea, coffee and cola are important factors that cause our teeth to turn yellow and we need to stay away from them in order to keep our teeth white.

Laser teeth whitening
In our clinic, Led and Laser whitening systems, which are the latest and most effective whitening techniques in the world, are used.

Laser whitening, which is a product of modern technology, allows us to easily achieve successful results in many different treatments in the field of medicine, and it is an important tool that takes us to a precise result in a painless and short time in teeth whitening. The most distinctive feature that distinguishes laser whitening from other teeth whitening procedures is that the time you will allocate for the treatment is only 1 hour and it shows its effect immediately.

Gum Arrangement
In an aesthetic smile, the gums should not be seen too much while smiling. However, when some people smile, their gums appear almost as much as their teeth. This situation creates a very bad smile even in an individual with a very beautiful face. The treatment is quite simple.

Under anesthesia, with laser and electrosurgery method, the overly visible gingiva on the teeth is cut and removed and the tissues are left for the healing process. Afterwards, a prosthetic application suitable for the patient’s condition is performed from the aesthetic dentistry applications. People whose facial expressions are dull and who are afraid to smile; They are perceived by other people as unhappy and unlovable.

Most of the studies have shown that people who have problems with their smile – like other individuals whose mouth and teeth look aesthetically good – yearn for a mouthful of laughter.

It is usually very easy to choose such people in public, because they always cover their mouths with their hands when they laugh, or they laugh in a way that covers whatever side of their mouth because they think it is ugly.

Are you one of these people? Don’t you want to look happier, younger, more beautiful, energetic and charismatic just by redesigning your smile?

Aesthetic Filling
The biggest advantages of these fillings are that they are aesthetic. In addition, since these fillings are well bonded to the teeth, they support the dental tissues, prevent breakage and heat transfer.

Composites are used not only to restore caries, but also for cosmetic effects by changing the color and shape of teeth. The only drawback is that there are post-process sensitivities. The colors of the fillings may change slightly with dyeing beverages such as coffee and tea.

Laminate porcelain veneers
Laminate porcelains are thin-leaf porcelains that are applied to the front surface of the teeth with minimal abrasion. The whiteness obtained with laminate porcelain is permanent; Factors that cause discoloration on natural teeth such as tea, cigarettes and coffee do not have a discoloration effect on laminate porcelains. Laminate porcelain can be applied to teeth with discoloration, in cases where there is a gap between the anterior group teeth called diastema, worn teeth, restoration of broken teeth, and teeth with deformities.

Zirconium porcelains
Zircon is tissue-friendly, highly resistant, completes color integrity, does not cause allergic reactions, and eliminates hot-cold sensitivity; It is successfully applied to patients in our clinic. In zirconium porcelain bridge teeth, a white zirconium alloy is used instead of metal.

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